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Creative and Eco-friendly Hats by Top Designer Elisabeth Koch

Introduction to Elisabeth Koch Elisabeth Koch was born in Atlanta and she was a Dutch immigrants. Her creative hats design ideas were inspired due to her rich life experiences to many countries. She has been fond of hats when she was a little girl. She graduated from the famous Wombourne School of Millinery in England [...]

2011 Hat Trend Spot: Mix Match of Chinese Phoenix Coronet and Russian Cashmere

In the show of New York Fashions Week, the most interesting thing is the hats designed by Diane Von Furstenberg. The delicate mix match of Chinese phoenix coronet and Russian cashmere is elegant and honorable. The combination of dark check and big cut-out and splices shows powerful visual sensation. All these were dedicated to the [...]

Funny Whiskers Hats For Halloween

The snow storm raged the North America for a long time, but how the people there face this inclement weather? You can just get the answer from the hats on their head. Yes, the whiskers hats, do they look chic and cute? Men who wear them look masculine, ladies beautiful and kids lovely. Are you [...]

Lady Gaga’s 10 Top Hats- Weird or Stylish?

Lady Gaga has her unique taste in fashion especially in hats. Hats are indispensable decoration on her head. She never stops and keeps on catching public attention by her outrageous outfit. Now let’s have a preview of her hats collection. Lady Gaga’s Nasir Mazhar orbital hat Lady Gaga had previously worn this orbital hat by [...]

Ranking List of Famous Hats in World History

Everyone has his or her own story, so do hats. Now let’s have a review of famous hats in world history. No 1. Bicorne Bicorne refers to an archaic form of hat mostly worn by European and American military and naval officers in the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Napoleon was a famous military [...]