Hublot Partners with F1

June 30th, 2012 by | Print

The good news is that Hublot has become the official watch maker for the Formula I racing event. Hence, for all Formula I fans out there it is great news that they can look forward to some stunning and feature rich watches which will come from the stable of Hublot. They will get to enjoy the association of the watches of the brand with their favorite car racing event every time they strap on fake hublot watches. Hublot is all over the news with such a collaboration and is busy launching some new models for this celebrated association. They have launched a unique tourbillion for such a partnership. This is again part of a limited edition series and will only be produced in a lot of fifty pieces. For the rest of the world, they will have to opt for the fake Hublot watches of the famed design to commemorate the beginning of such an association.

The watch is named F1 King Power Tourbillon Gold Ceramic. Many are waiting with bated breath to hear the details of the watch and hence, I will give it to you without further ado. The watch is 48 mm in dimensions and the chronograph tourbillion movement is termed HUB 7300. This is a feature which will probably not come replicated in the fake watches for cheap buys though one can get a close enough replica of the same if one purchases from the Swiss replica store The other features of the watch include a power reserve capacity of five days as well as a tourbillion cage and a balance which mimics the design of a F1 disc brake. The watch has a bezel which is a satin finished and of ceramic. All in all, a unique and handsome watch which is a must have amongst the fake watches in the fake watches market.

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