Funny Whiskers Hats For Halloween

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The snow storm raged the North America for a long time, but how the people there face this inclement weather? You can just get the answer from the hats on their head. Yes, the whiskers hats, do they look chic and cute? Men who wear them look masculine, ladies beautiful and kids lovely. Are you stunned or indulged in them?

Funny whiskers hats

There are four available colors. Choose one according to your preference.

These hats are made from wool and orlon and you can detach it freely without shavers. Does it look true with separating colors between the hat and the whiskers? This hat can be also seen as a mask which tightly sticks to your face but it doesn’t interrupt your life. What’s more, this hat is totally made by hand and customized according to the size of your head and face shape.

Funny whiskers hats for kids

Funny whiskers hats for ladies

Funny whiskers hats for ladies

Funny whiskers hats for men

whiskers hat for men who want whiskers

whiskers hat for men

Are you delightened by the enthusiatic colors? You just need some creativity and DIY skill so that you can make one on your own. I believe that this will add some fun to the dull winter and show the other side of your character.

The above hats just give you some insipration to special Halloween. I hope you can get some hints from it and spend a memorable happy Halloween with your friends and families.

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