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Twilight Girl Ashley Greene’s Hat Collection

Ashley Michele Greene is an American actress and model who has been famous since she acted as Alice Cullen in the film Twilight. Her excellent stage craft is fully revealed as she subsequently took part in the 2009’s The Twilight Saga: New Moon, 2010′s The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, and will she will react in 2011’s [...]

7 Personalized Baseball Cap To Be A Fashion Icon

Do you have the habit of choosing a hat to match with your travel outfit? Are you hesitated in whether to choose a casual style baseball cap or a personalized fashionable peaked cap, I believe that you can get some hint from the following illustrations. Do you feel some kind of weirdness which is out [...]

Elegant Hats Show: Prince William’s fiancée Kate Middleton’s Hats Collection

Kate Middleton got popular attention since she has become Prince William’s fiancée as the identification of a civilian. She is not fond of gorgeous clothes and always wears casual jeans on the street. She often wears a hat whenever she attends formal events or walking on the street. Actually, she indicates her fashion taste by [...]

Top 7 Funny knitted Hats For Babies and Kids

The weather is quite changeable. Therefore, in order to prevent your babies from cold, you’d better choose some soft woolen hats for them. Here are 10 hats in different styles and I hope you can get the very hat here for your baby. Victorian Rose Baby Hat The hat is quite harmonious with the baby [...]

Funny Whiskers Hats For Halloween

The snow storm raged the North America for a long time, but how the people there face this inclement weather? You can just get the answer from the hats on their head. Yes, the whiskers hats, do they look chic and cute? Men who wear them look masculine, ladies beautiful and kids lovely. Are you [...]

Lady Gaga’s 10 Top Hats- Weird or Stylish?

Lady Gaga has her unique taste in fashion especially in hats. Hats are indispensable decoration on her head. She never stops and keeps on catching public attention by her outrageous outfit. Now let’s have a preview of her hats collection. Lady Gaga’s Nasir Mazhar orbital hat Lady Gaga had previously worn this orbital hat by [...]

Tips on Hat Matching According to Face Shapes

The shape of face can be classified into six kinds: diamond face, round face,  heart face,  triangular face,  square face and long face. Round face persons with bowler hat will have an effect of bigger face and smaller hat and the wide peaked cap is preferable. 1. Diamond  face Ladies with diamond shape face are [...]

Tips on Matching Hats According to the Color of Skin

Hats will definitely your best friends either in hot summer or chilly cold winter. It can bring you cool and refreshing feelings in summer and keep you warm in bitter winter wind. In addition, thought small in shape, it has surprising attention-catching effect. Being using hats ingeniously can leave a fresh and new impression on [...]

2011 Hat Fashion Trend: Bowler Hats Resurgence

A fashionable hat can spicy up any ugly clothes. As aesthetic perception changes, it is apparently that nowadays hats have being playing a more and more significant role in daily lives. The fedoras, knitted hats, peaked caps and berets are frequently seen but this time the bowler hats resurged at the beginning of this year [...]

6 Professional Guidance on How to Be Fashionable by Matching Hairstyle with Hat

Fan Bingbing tell us what is called the “head” event in winter. Fashionable style is not only embodied in popular fashion clothes and perfect makeup but also lies in very practical and smart hat collocation. You can discover that by choosing to a top fashion hat can also make ordinary collation and smart! Let’s learn [...]